Clever use of ICT - vision and implementation

Upon completion of their project, the team was asked to share their vision of a clever use of ICT at their centre.
A clever use of ICTs for MADEC could mean greater sustainability. It will allow them to continue to meet learner needs and deliver quality outcomes. It will meet the strategic goals of the organisation ie meeting the needs in the remote areas where transport is a huge issue. ICT opens up other means of reaching and supporting them, including live classrooms and videoconferencing.

Clever use if ICT will mean meeting the needs of our communities in a profitable and sustainable way.

Clever use - what could it look like?
Clever use will need to meet the strategic objectives of the organisation. This includes a wider reach into outlying areas.
MADEC is looking at ICT to give them a wider delivery of existing programs.

What are the key elements?

  • A strategic vision is very important.
  • Need to generate ongoing discussions with senior management re resourcing.
  • Professional development (PD): some trainers will need basic computer training and in using the Learner Management System(LMS).
  • Selected teachers will need PD in online facilitation.
  • Will improve the sustainability of th roganisation by generating additional business as fee for service.
  • A good marketing campaign
  • Ensure that there is no duplication across sites.


  1. Purchase of their own Learner Management System: currently courses are delivered through a third party.
  2. Audit process for accredited training - competency standards. How best to meet these?
    Development of quality courses takes time -this project has demonstrated that it is a huge task.
  3. Challenge in resourcing course development- finding people with the skills and knowledge.
  4. The new CGEA has a lot of potential -will need commitment from all teachers involved to put it online.