Community portrait

Where are we at?

The staff at MADEC were asked to plot themselves on a perspectives continuum that sought to plot their e-learning journey and give us two moments in time - before and after the project. Below is a visual representation of the perspectives document. This shows where MADEC placed themselves on the continuum at the conclusion of the project.

You can download both the before and after documents from the links below:
MADEC perspectives before commencement of the trial
MADEC perspectives at completion of the trial

Community reach

Although MADEC feels that their e-learning offerings we are still very local, they are working on a whole suite of programs through OZelearn, their Learner Management System, which will enable them to target more remote sites in 2008. They feel that this will significantly extend their reach in 2008. In time they wish to go beyond that -they have had enquiries from larger corporate clients in Sydney.

Community readiness

MADEC recently surveyed corporate clients in Mildura and the responses indicate that 50% were interested in online learning as a means of upskilling their staff. Business owners can see the benefit of staff logging on in quiet times.
Regarding the students that access ACFE funded courses the readiness is very varied. For the longer term unemployed motivation can also be a factor.