Educational Reach

The team was asked to describe thier organisation's educational reach after completion of the project, particularly in relation to clever use of ICTs in relation to learner outcomes: results, reach and retention.
The CGEA online trial was offered to an established class. This was a cross section of ability and interest: it ranged from some who did want to do it and others who did it because they were asked to do it.
In most cases limited computer knowledge was a drawback. The ones who were comfortable with computers were happy to try new things. The choice of a wiki was good, it was relatively easy to navigate and has the potential to aid retention and engage the students.
MADEC has a wide reach, but limited to the Mildura area logistically. Online learning will extend that reach. There is a lot of interest from job network members to access remote locations through online and to look at how they can use ICTs to extend their clients' training options.

The team was also asked to describe their educational reach particularly in relation to educational and vocational content and how it is delivered in both accredited and non- accredited curriculum:
Blended learning will give more variety to students and enhance current educational delivery. As the model grows, success will breed success as it will become more contagious and more teachers and students will want to participate.
Business and retail online is already happening and MADEC will expand this to employment services qualifications for 15 sites across 3 states. It is anticipated that this will be a huge cost benefit. MADEC is also looking at pre-accredited training for a corporate client - such as online induction programs, short courses in writing policies, procedures etc as fee-for-service activity.

The staff were asked to plot themselves on a perspectives continuum that sought to plot their e-learning journey and give us two moments in time - before and after the project.. The diagram on the right is a visual representation of the perspectives document and indicates where they placed themselves at the conclusion of their project. (For more information about the research perspectives, visit perspectives diagram below provides a snapshot of the organisation's capacity to meet these objectives.