It has been a really good learning experience. It has been frustrating along the way. I have now only realised how big a task this is. It is very different from a classroom based model and the project ended up being very much smaller than we initially envisaged. So, start small. Our teacher will be a very valuable asset in changing the attitudes of teachers in other departments. We are all very pleased with what we have learned.

David Zacher, Training Manager

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Being in a remote area of North West Victoria, a large section of the population in surrounding areas have little or no access to formal training. The number of people who leave school without attaining higher secondary qualifications is above both the state and national averages, resulting in a high need for training in basic Literacy and Numeracy skills, to facilitate their transition into sustainable employment or further education. MADEC was particularly keen to find alternate ways of meeting these basic needs.
The provision of a quality training options for learners who are disadvantaged by their remote location and transport issues, is their biggest challenge.They saw the use of e-learning as being one of the most efficient ways of achieving this goal.
How did they do this/ What were the challanges? Read more for full details..

Clever use of ICT - vision and implementation

ICTs will enable MADEC to use online learning to support quality outcomes and reach learners who are not currently accessing ACE. How will they do this? What are their challenges? Read more for full details...

Organisational capacity

MADEC is an ACFE provider based in Mildura. It has a commitment to learning and e-learning that is embedded in the organisation's strategic plan. To find out more about their capacity to integrate technology into their course delivery, read more for full details.

Educational reach

MADEC has a wide reach, but limited to the Mildura area logistically. Online learning will extend that reach. How will this work, and what will they do? Read more for full details...

Community portrait

Who is MADEC reaching with their use of technology? What do the students think?
What are the community's ICT needs and how do they know? Read more for full details.